Scaling New Heights Podcast: Cutting Edge Training For Small Business Advisors

The “Scaling New Heights” podcast is designed for accountants and other business advisors, providing professionals with year-round access to some of the key training from our annual Scaling New Heights conference. Each weekly broadcast includes an interview with a featured guest who is either a past Scaling New Heights presenter or a presenter we’ve recruited for an upcoming conference.
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Scaling New Heights Podcast: Cutting Edge Training For Small Business Advisors


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Jun 28, 2016

Mark Wickersham is a world-renowned expert on pricing for accounting firms and the author of numerous books including Effective Pricing for Accountants and How to Build a Better Business and Make More Money: Simple Ideas that Really Work for Entrepreneurs. In this interview Mark guides you through the process of creating high value services and determining an appropriate price for those services. As Mark teaches us in this episode, value pricing (unlike fixed pricing) begins with the projection of the client's value proposition - the measureable benefit to the client - to determine price.

(Mark presented a keynote presentation and a breakout session at Scaling New Heights 2016. Both of Mark's presentations focused on value pricing for accountants.)

Jun 14, 2016

Rob Nixon is the founder and CEO of Panalitix, a coaching and professional education community for accountants. Rob is also the author of the book Remaining Relevant: The Future of the Accounting Profession. During this interview Rob describes the "Now Leader" and focuses on eight key areas where accountants can (and should) play a stronger role with their clients. Tune in as Rob walks our podcast audience through the type of focused client leadership that produces meaningful, measurable and lasting results.

(Rob presented a breakout session on high impact leadership at Scaling New Heights 2016.)

Jun 7, 2016

Mike Michalowicz is a small business and startup expert and the author of Profit First, The Pumpkin Plan and Surge. During this interview Mike discussing small changes businesses can make to yield surprisingly large…or as he says…"colossal" results. Mike and Joe touch on the principles of his new book called Surge and briefly discuss the power of specialization.

(Mike presented a keynote address and a breakout session at Scaling New Heights 2016.)