Scaling New Heights Podcast: Cutting Edge Training For Small Business Advisors

The “Scaling New Heights” podcast is designed for accountants and other business advisors, providing professionals with year-round access to some of the key training from our annual Scaling New Heights conference. Each weekly broadcast includes an interview with a featured guest who is either a past Scaling New Heights presenter or a presenter we’ve recruited for an upcoming conference.
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Scaling New Heights Podcast: Cutting Edge Training For Small Business Advisors


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Sep 28, 2016

Over 10 years ago, Paul Dunn and Ron Baker co-authored a book called The Firm of the Future. The book focused on the nature of work accountants should provide, the distinction between service workers and knowledge workers, and effectiveness as the key measurement for the professions. We are now in the “future” – measured chronologically, based on the publication date of the book. So, Joe Woodard interviews Paul Dunn in a “look back” approach and asks Paul the key question: “How has the accounting profession embraced, or failed to embrace, the key challenges presented by this iconic text.”

Sep 13, 2016

As a world renowned photographer, Joe Buissink has documented weddings for celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera, and Kelsey Grammar. Joe has been profiled by Good Morning America, People magazine and a wide range of other media organizations, and he holds several high profile professional distinctions including the International Leadership Award in Photography issued by the United Nations and Canon’s highly coveted “Explorer of Light” designation.


During Scaling New Heights 2016, Joe Buissink presented a keynote presentation detailing the power of brand, the connection between brand and professional passion, and how accounting professionals can invigorate their relationships with their clients. This podcast episode is an extension of Joe’s powerful keynote presentation.

Sep 6, 2016

During this episode, Joe Woodard addresses 5 pillars (characteristics) of an epic practice. Part 3 of the series is a continuation of Episodes 8, in which Joe lays the foundational qualities of an Epic Practice from the main stage of Scaling New Heights 2016. Joe will wrap up the series in this episode with the 5 final qualities every practice should strive to achieve to become differentiated, effective, innovative and…EPIC!